The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Fake Eyelashes

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “Real beauty comes from within”

These old sayings used to make people believe that true beauty does not only depend on what is seen on the outside but essentially on what is inside. However, due to the influence of media, the society has created a certain standard of beauty. Perfection is important for a lot of people, especially for women. These ladies try their best to beautify themselves through enhancement just like by using products to improve looks.

One of the fad trends in the most recent years is by using false eyelashes. False or fake eyelashes can either be attached as a whole over your natural eyelashes or they can also be implanted in the inner sections of the natural ones so they will look natural. Putting fake eyelashes is a trend that has helped a lot of women gain confidence as they embark their everyday journey. However, no matter how great they may be, they also have some downsides.

So, if you are planning to use some fake eyelashes then you should know the pros and cons of using them. Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of using fake eyelashes.


The main objective of using fake eyelashes is for the person to improve her looks. Fake eyelashes tend to enhance one’s beauty by giving a dramatic effect. People who have longer and thicker eyelashes look better and their eyes tend to be more emphasized. When a person looks good, she feels good about herself and this has a domino effect. If the woman feels good about herself, she then is confident in dealing with her everyday problems.

Another advantage of using the fake eyelashes is the fact that you do not need to use mascara for your eyelashes. Since the fake eyelashes will already give full volume to your eyes, using mascara is not necessary anymore.


Although using fake eyelashes helps a woman become more confident and feel good, there are some disadvantages to using them. One of the main disadvantages is the fact that if you are not used to wearing them you can feel uncomfortable. Fake eyelashes will give weight to your eyes and so they will become heavier. Moreover, fake eyelashes can cause allergies especially to people who are very sensitive. So prior to application, make sure that you do not have any allergies. Lastly, fake eyelashes can transmit infectious diseases. People who are wearing them should not share products.

In summary, beauty can be enhanced in so many ways and these days beauty enhancement has evolved and changed. One of the trendy ways is the use of fake eyelashes. It is good to know that using fake eyelashes both has advantages and disadvantages. If you have decided to use fake eyelashes you should know about the consequences and you should also know how to take care of your eyelashes so as to avoid problems.