Fun Activities to do in Wanganui

Wanganui that is also spelled as Whanganui is actually a city that is situated in the west coast of North Islands of New Zealand. The Whanganui River is considered to be the largest and longest navigable waterway in New Zealand. It is known to run from Mount Tongariro to the sea. This particular city is actually a part of the Manawatu Wanganui region.

From the year 1854, this particular city was known as Wanganui. However, the New Zealand Geographic Board later changed the spelling to Whanganui. The government in the year 2009 came to a decision that while either spelling will be considered acceptable, the Crown Agencies, however, would be using the spelling Whanganui. In this particular article let us look into some of the fun activities and things that can be done in Whanganui.

In short travellers and people all around the world can enjoy and explore the mighty Whanganui River. People can also immerse themselves in the historical and contemporary museums including the art galleries that this city has to offer. There are various natural parks and reserves in the city whereby people can simply sit back and relax with their families. The city is known to be home of Heritage and Arts in New Zealand. Some of the main places to look out for include

Places and Things to do in Whanganui: Some of the places worth checking out while being in this city include:

  • Durie Hill War Memorial Tower & Elevator: One of the most popular places to check out while being in this city is the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower and Elevator. This particular hill is supposed to be sixty meters in height. The Durie Hill Elevator is known to have been built in the year 1919. This particular elevator is the only public underground in the southern hemisphere in New Zealand. There exists a pedestrian tunnel which basically leads to the elevator. From there a person can view the mighty Tasman Sea, Mount Taranaki, and Mount Ruapehu. The War Memorial Tower is right next to the elevator tower. The top of this tower is the ideal place for people to click selfies. Clicking selfies on top of this tower is considered to be one of the top things to do in Whanganui.


  • Kowhal Park: Another great place to visit while being in Whanganui is the Kowhal This particular park is there for big and small kids alike. It is situated on the banks of the Whanganui River. This particular park has been known to delight children for decades. Even parents who played in this park when they were young bring their children to experience the fun. Some of the exciting things to do in this park include riding the brontosaurus, checking out the pirate ship, swinging on an octopus and also see-sawing with a snake. During a hot day, children and adults alike can enjoy the Water Maze.

There are various other fun places to check out in this particular city like the Virginia Lake. After a day of fun adults and children alike need to rest. This is where motels Wanganui come into the picture. The motels at Wanganui are extremely comfortable to stay in. They are economical as well making it easier for the pocket. Travellers should definitely check it out.

Thus from the above discussion, we have a clear idea of few of the best things that can be done while visiting Whanganui. So what are you waiting for, pack up your bags and go enjoy a holiday at Whanganui?